Troupe + Players

The Elastic Circus of the Revolution was founded and is ‘fronted’ by Amir Parsa.

Really do see it as a ‘band’ of sorts, with folks who are involved on a more regular basis (The Troupe) and those who get involved with ECR for particular pieces and projects (The Players).

This has proven to be a wonderful, unforced, open structure where collaborators, friends, colleagues can customize their involvement with ECR. All members of ECR are connected in ad-hoc ways. There are no obligations or impositions, although obviously most share the essence of our poetics and politics. The ECR’S positions though–especially any controversial ones–or what comes through the works and the projects, are not necessarily theirs.

Currently, two members of The Troupe are Luke Degnan, Director of Computational Poetics & Potentialities, and Basem Aly, Director of Relational Systems & Archiving. Luke and Basem have been amazing on a number of projects from 2018 to now (2022 and counting).

A great example of temporary engagement with a number of people who became part of the ECR’S adventure in a given time and place: The Bologna Players of the Elastic Circus of the Revolution, with whom we worked in Bologna, Italy, in 2015 and 2016, on Nel Mezz–the penultimate first canto of ÉPÏKÂNÕVÀ–printed and published in 2019.