Pieces + Projects

The heart of the matter: the pieces and projects of The Elastic Circus of the Revolution go from adventures in printing and publications, to writings, performances, interventions and innovations in a host of settings.

Throughout the years and from its beginning, The Elastic Circus of the Revolution has been a framework, a container, a troupe, facilitating the creation of works at the vanguarde of several domains, works often sitting at intersections of genres, aspiring to fashion new disciplinary formations. From the Single Edition Literary Adventures (SELAs) to the Bookists’ Alcove, from clandestine interventions to conceptual shenanigans, ECR rigorously challenges given forms to search for the new and the liberating dynamics that can be found in that space of post-category creative work. I do believe that a deep knowledge of theory and history of forms and disciplines is necessary for the writer and the creative to generate new directions, and so ECR’s rigorous work is deeply rooted in research, teaching, practice, and the overcoming of the conventional. Lots has happened in the past twenty years!

More recent directions include:

The Roving Performance Lab–with the necessary and urgent guerrilla performances in 2021 (and probably 2022–and maybe forever) of The Last Bargain of Young Mephisto (related to a deal to be made for eternal immunity with Mephisto), and the performance of {frst rvlt} at Hot Wood Arts, with the band Yes Exactly Yes, on December 11, 2021, on the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the first revolt in the Americas.

The Print Adventures and Publications Lab: in which the ‘performance’ of the book comes to the fore, and in which the ECR explores various types of new print poetics germane to a particular project–meaning, the scale, look, design, distribution of the printed matter is in tune with the content and essence of the particular piece, #YekShab being a great example.

The New World Lit Lab: launched as such, a project of the ECR in many ways, in association with publishers and university departments and centers. For more, go to newworldlitlab!

ClandieLand: the universe of clandestine works and projects that is an absolute necessity!