Stories + Sièges

The Elastic Circus of the Revolution was founded by Amir Parsa sometime in the early 2000s to generate opportunities for the creation of new forms, genres, discourses and artifacts in a variety of artistic and literary arenas. ECR is a fluid, flexible and revolutionary entity engaged in innovative works, traversing territories to fashion new ways of thinking, being and living. Theory and practice. Poetics and Politics. Multi-, Trans- and Neodisciplinary.

ECR has operated from a decentered space, and from geographically and platformally differentiated loci: Harlem, New York; Brooklyn, New York (Red Hook and Clinton Hill); the Zona Colonial in the Dominican Republic; Paris; Tehran-in-absentia; online and in-person; many parts of the brain and the being; out in the open, under-the-radar, and definitely in all sorts of clandestine modalities.